We have digitized much of the behavioral psychology

When we try to change lifestyles, behaviors, or abilities and characteristics with ourselves, psychological processes play a crucial role in the outcome. Most people can not manage lasting changes because they are unable to manage these processes.

This is what Changetech wanted to... well, change.

Therefore, we have mapped a large part of the psychological processes in health and behavioral psychology and developed solutions for each of these processes. The solutions are stored in an electronic database called Psybase. The constantly updated content in Psybase forms the basis for all our programs.


A vast network of information units.

Psybase consists of a large network of information units. These units are based on documented active psychological ingredients (API) and are modeled after proprietary algorithms to calculate, integrate and manage different layers of data. Psybase plays a central part in our development environment, where psychologists, copywriters and artdirectors collaborate to make the final content and user interface.


For further reading, see:

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