Terms and conditions for using the program

General information

This program is not intended to replace any medical or psychological treatment. The program is supplied by Changetech and is available via the Internet. The program has been developed by Changetech AS, which also hosts it. Users have certain rights and obligations.


User license

When you register for the program, you will be given a personal license to use the program on the terms and conditions stated here. This license is personal and may not be used by others.



The program does not give any medical advice or makes diagnoses.. It is your responsibility to contact a doctor if you are ill, and to consult a medical professional if you are unsure whether you can join a program of this kind on account of your illness or medication, or because you are pregnant or breast-feeding. You are not permitted to use the program if your health proscribes your participation.


Children and minors

The program has not been designed for children and minors, nor is it intended for use by them.


Your personal data

When you register for the program, you simultaneously consent to Changetech AS and/or its data processor storing the information you enter so that the program can be adapted to you and provide you with the best possible benefit. You decide for yourself which information to enter. You agree not to enter any sensitive personal data (for example, information about yourself or your political opinions).

Personal data linked to you as a person will not be made available to others. After you have completed a programme, the information you have entered will be completely anonymized so as to make it impossible to link the information to anything that can identify you (such as an email address or mobile phone number).

Changetech AS is the legal owner of the data, and you consent to Changetech and/or its data processor freely using anonymized data for research and for developing other products and services. It will not be possible to identify you in any such research. You may, at any time, contact us for insight into the data we have stored, to correct data or have data deleted (by withdrawing your consent, if appropriate). If you are not legally entitled to give your consent, your parent/guardian may do so on your behalf by contacting us directly.


Waiver and limitation of responsibility

Content, information, products, services, etc. in our programs are provided without any guarantees with regard to their function, quality, usefulness for the intended purpose, security or accuracy, and Changetech AS cannot be held responsible for such. Nor can we make any promise that you will achieve the goals you have set yourself.



All copyright, brand rights, patent rights and/or other intellectual property rights associated with the programs are the property of Changetech AS.


Breach of the standard terms and conditions

We are entitled immediately and without notice to terminate or suspend your participation in any programs in the event that you breach any provision(s) of the current standard terms and conditions.


Duration of the user license

Your license to use the program is limited to the time it takes you to complete the program. As regards program content, copyright protection, etc. shall remain in effect even after the license has expired.